Permission Slip – Savoy Campout – June 2008

June 21-23, 2008 at Savoy Mountain State Forest in Florida, MA

_____________________________________ has my permission to attend the event as noted above. If I can not be reached in a medical emergency, I authorize the Adult Leaders to obtain the appropriate medical care, at my expense, if necessary.

During the event I can be reached at the following telephone # ______________

If I can not be reached, please contact __________________________

at this telephone #______________________ Relationship to scout __________

Signed _____________________________________ Date ____________

I would like to (please circle) drive to the event and take ____ scouts

drive from the event and take ____ scouts

drive & attend and take ____ scouts

Permission Slip is due at the May 29 troop meeting. Call Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 if your scout would like to attend the camping trip, but can not attend the May 29 troop meeting.

For Adults Driving (needed for BSA tour permit):

Vehicle Make: _______________

Vehicle Model: _______________

Vehicle Year: ________________

Drivers License #______________

To off set the cost of the state forest campsites, the troop is charging a nominal fee of $8 per scout. Please submit this fee when turning in your permission slip. A check payable to Troop 4 is the preferred payment method (staple to this form) so we can easily track payments received. Thanks.