Latest newsletter: September 12th, 2020

Covid-19 update

Milford continues to be challenged by the increase in covid cases, to the extent that the schools will be going to full remote for at least the next month.
The troop is equally challenged.  Adhering to the guidelines that had been set forth by the state and local officials, we’ve been able to take advantage of our campsite to safely hold meetings and go on some adventures.  Scouts have done a fantastic job following the updated protocols.  Recently, the governor modified restrictions, specifically for those towns that are no longer considered “low risk”.  Milford falls into this category and, as such, we’ll need to follow updated restrictions limiting the size of get togethers and overnight curfews.  
So how does this impact us?

1.  The November campout is cancelled.

2.  The associated roast cookout is postponed for the time being.  We’re trying to secure some additional facilities in order to safely have this annual event.

3.  For now and with weather permitting, Troop meetings will continue to take place at the campsite but with some adjustments including pre-meeting RSVPs, using additional facilities in order to ensure we meet the new attendee limits and conducting portions of the meeting virtually.  If needed, we will conduct entire meetings virtually as we did a couple of weeks ago.

I want to assure everyone that we’re committed to providing as robust of a scouting experience as possible, but health and safety always come first.  We understand that every family must decide what they are comfortable with and we respect any decisions that are made.

Stay safe and please reach out to me if there are any questions or concerns.
Thanks, Mr. Comisky/John

Medical Forms and Dues

Please pass in your medical forms and dues as soon as possible. Contact Mr. Comisky with any questions.

The combined troop and re-charter dues stay the same this year at $145 per scout ($125 for additional siblings).  This fee combines the Troop dues; the annual BSA National Registration fees and subscriptions as well as the Mayflower Council program activity fee. 

Please drop off your check at the start of the troop meeting. If your son(s) can’t make the meeting but would like to continue in the troop, please mail the dues to the Troop Treasurer, Mr. Tony Bogner.  Please make all checks payable to Troop 4. 


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