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 Welcome to the Troop 4 Eagle Scout Page

On this page, the Troop provides a summary of all the service projects led by our Eagle Scouts over the years.  Recently, this page was enhanced to include photographs and links to the Eagle Scout biography sheets presented at the Court of Honor. Unfortunately, we are missing photos/biographies for some Eagles from our early years, and some of our photos were taken years after the project was completed.  Photos that include the Eagle Scout ‘in action’ would be great additions to this web page. If you have a copy of a missing Court of Honor biography sheet, or better photos of an Eagle Scout Service Project, please contact John Comisky at jcomisky@aol.com.  Any hard copy photos or biographies will be promptly returned.   Your help in this matter will close the gaps and provide a more complete history of our Troop 4 Eagle Scout accomplishments.  Thank you.  (p.s. Thanks to Eagle Scout Brandon Dulak for starting this web page enhancement project)


65. Josh Maillet (2024)

Josh’s Eagle project involved constructing a path and installing a glider bench swing along the riverway at West Hill Dam. His project has provided patrons of the facility a nice, peaceful location to rest, relax and enjoy the incredible view down the river and the amazing wildlife found there.    Josh Maillet Biography, (coming soon…)

64. William Naff (2024)

Will’s Eagle project involved renovating a courtyard areas at Blackstone Vocational Technical High School.  His project included preparing for installation of a koi pond, a bench and landscaping that has provided  students and teachers a place to enjoy the outdoors while remaining on the school’s campus.  William Naff Biography, (coming soon…)

63. Jason Comisky (2023)

Jason’s Eagle project involved constructing a glider bench swing along the beach area at West Hill Dam Park.  His project also involved landscaping around the picnic tables refreshing the area for park patrons where they can have a cookout and lunch, and   take in the nature, wildlife and scenic view of the pond.  The swing has already gotten a lot of use and while there has been significant wildlife sightings from the swing, still, no moose.    Jason Comisky Biography.

62. Neil Bogner (2023)

Neil’s Eagle project involved building two benches along the riverway at West Hill Dam.  His project also involved landscaping around the benches to provide a comfortable rest area for park patrons where they can take in the nature, wildlife and scenic view down the river.  There have been reports of many eagles, hawks and deer already, but no moose yet.  Neil Bogner Biography.

61. Joshua Anderson (2023)

Joshua’s Eagle project involved constructing a raised platform bridge along the outside path of the Outdoor Natural Classroom area in front of Woodland Elementary School.  The area’s usage was limited during much of the year due to the path flooding and remaining too muddy to navigate after any amount of rain.  The result of Josh’s project was a wooden bridge walkway that aesthetically matched the outdoor learning space and allows for teachers to take advantage of the outdoor classroom space for much more of the school year. Josh Anderson Biography.

60. Mark Butters (2023)

Mark’s project included designing and building a pulpit and new foundation in the outdoor area of the First United Methodist Church of Milford.  Mark’s project also included refreshing the outdoor area so that masses and other  events can be held there in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Mark Butters Biography.

59. Joseph Coplan (2022)

Jospeh’s Eagle Project involved building drop off boxes for clothing donations at Sacred Heart Church. The project included replacing old bins with new wooden, weather-proof bins.  Joe design and built the new wooden cabinets that allow for safe and secure deposits for parishioners of the church to drop of clothing donations, especially during seasonal clothing drives. Joseph Coplan Biography

58. Christopher Silvestri (2022)

Chris’ Eagle Project involved the beautification of the area around Saint Mary’s Cemetery Irish Round Tower.  The project included installing a new, additional granite bench and walkways to the benches, installing a new flag pole and repairing the doorway to the tower for safety and security.  Chris Silvestri Biography.

57. James Comisky (2021)

James’ Eagle Project involved replacing the existing, decorative fence in the Saint Mary’s Parish Meditation Garden with fencing and gate that extends across the garden.  The new fence and gate provide for a more secure and safe area by preventing unauthorized people from going onto the roof and reducing vandalism that has taken place.  James Comisky Biography. (coming soon)

56. Andrew Weber (2020)

Andrew designed and constructed a wide bench for Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish’s Meditation Garden.  The bench welcomes parishioners and others to gather as a community by providing a place to sit and enjoy nature outside the Church.  Andrew also constructed a cross to compliment and match the existing pergola and bench and refreshed the plants and grass.  Andrew Weber Biography. (coming soon)

55.  Derek Jordan (2020)

Derek constructed a Buddy Bench at Woodland Elementary School.  This metal three-person bench is surrounded by a square border of pavers and a flower area.  In addition to providing an aesthetic place to sit, the project has increased social interaction between the school children in a fun way.  Derek Jordan Biography. (coming soon)

54. David Coplan (2020)

David constructed a gravel path roughly four feet wide and eighty-five feet long from the parking lot to the entrance at Woodland Elementary School. The path provides safe, convenient, and direct access to the school for the teachers.  David Coplan Biography. (coming soon)

53.  Ashby Norris (2019)

Ashby constructed a white vinyl fence with a gate across the front of a walkway at the Milford Senior Center.  The fence and gate prevents individuals from entering the path and trespassing behind the facility after hours.  During business hours, the fence serves to redirect patrons to the main entrance of the facility.  Ashby Norris Biography

52. Taber Grose (2018)

Taber designed, constructed and installed radiator covers for each of the radiators located in the Milford Youth Center.  The nineteen covers, are instrumental in maintaining a safe environment for the youth patrons of the Center.  Taber Grose Biography.

51. Kevin Spiegelman (2018)

In tribute to his Grandfather, Kevin’s Eagle Service Project was performed for the Chabad House Jewish Center in Milford.  Kevin designed an outdoor gathering space, and led a team to complete its construction.  The beautiful space includes fence improvements, a fireplace and granite benches.  This durable gathering space will serve the Chabad House community for many years.  Kevin Spiegelman Biography.

50. Joshua Ahrens (2018)

Joshua designed and constructed benches at two Worcester Region Transit Authority bus stops to provide a secure place for the patrons of the bus to sit.  The first bench is located on Route 140 in Milford near the Shaw’s Shopping Center.  The second bench is located in front of Milford High School.  Joshua Ahrens Biography

49. Gillieson Hobart (2018)

Gill’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved the design and construction of a sturdy bridge in Upton’s Peppercorn Town Forest.  Gill’s project nicely complements previous Troop 4 Eagle Scout Service Projects in this forest (see Pat Bedard #15 and Nolan Hobart #29 bridge projects, and Brian Spiegelman #45 trail marking project – all summarized below).  Gill competently led a team of fellow scouts and friends to construct this final bridge in this hiking loop, which now allows safe passage during the forest’s frequent high water.  Gill Hobart Biography


48. Joe Thomas (2018)

Joseph’s Eagle Scout project was to design and construct a large wooden storage chest to collect donations for the Milford Food Pantry.  The chest is located in the vestibule at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish. The provides a sturdy and attractive location for generous parish members to support the food pantry.  Joe Thomas Biography

47. Brandon Dulak (2018)

Brandon’s Eagle Scout project was to design and build a ticket booth at the front entrance of the Milford High School Football complex. Brandon’s project involved over 350 hours of service. Prior to the construction of this booth, volunteers set up at tables outside the gates, unprotected from the weather. The booth has provided a welcome alternative and is now in use for all varsity games.  Brandon Dulak Biography


46. Christopher Watson (2017)

Project description coming soon.  Chris Watson Biography

45. Brian Spiegelman (2017)

Brian installed a network of custom made sign posts on the trails of Upton’s Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area.  Prior to Brian’s project, the trails in this area were notoriously confusing, and often led hikers into dead ends and swampy areas.  Brian’s crew installed durable sign posts at key trail junctions to guide hikers safely through this wonderful forest.  Brian Spiegelman Biography

44. Evan Kehoe (2016)

Evan designed, built and installed a beautiful set of wood music racks that are used to store and display the Milford High School Music Department’s various musical instruments.  His project, supported by a large team of volunteers that he led, provides the department with a means to safely store and protect their expensive inventory for many years to come. Evan Kehoe Biography


43.  Anthony Matondi

Anthony led a team in the construction of two American flag collection boxes.  The first box is located within the Medway VFW.  The second box resides with Italian American Vets Post #40 Milford.  Each box provides a respectful place to drop off and store worn flags American flags that await retirement.  Anthony Matondi Biography

42. Jacob Bogner (2016)

Jacob led a team that improved the landscaping at around the entrance to the Milford Senior Center.  The project involved removing overgrown shrubs, clearing existing vegetation, planting new shrubs/plants, and adding landscaping materials to beautify the entire area.  Jacob’s project provides an attractive look for seniors to enjoy at this important community center.

Bogner - Senior Center Bogner - Senior Center1 Bogner - Senior Center3

41. Michael Weber (2016)

Michael’s project created a courtyard gathering area at the St.Mary’s parish center. His team removed over grown vegetation, installed rocks and wood chips, built an arbor, and planted perennial flowers. This beautiful courtyard area provides parishioners with a pleasant place to gather after mass.  His team also added a privacy fence to shield the fire escape from view.   Michael Weber Biography


40. Conor Maier (2016)

Conor led volunteers in a 261-hour service project to construct a ticket booth for the football field at Milford high school, which can be moved as needed.  This extensive project will benefit the many patrons who will attend Milford high school football games for many years to come.  Conor Maier Biography

Maier, Conor - Eagle Project Photo Maier, Conor - Eagle Project Photo2 Maier, Conor - Eagle Project Photo1

39. Brandon Kee (2015)

Brandon’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved building a meditation/memorial garden at Trinity Episcopal Church.  Brandon’s team cleared brush and leveled the land, and then installed stepping stones, stone benches, and a pea stone patio.  His crew further enhanced the site with plants, wind chimes and a solar fountain.  The garden provides a peaceful place for parishioners to pray, reflect and remember their loved ones who have passed away.  Brandon Kee Biography

38. Eric Buckenmaier (2015)

Eric’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved building a kiosk for the Milford Youth Center to supplement their recent renovations.  The sturdy and professionally constructed kiosk will assist the administration of the Youth Center for many years.  Eric Buckenmaier Biography

37. Alex Hastings (2015)

Alex’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved replacing all of the American flags at Milford High School and erecting a flagpole in the courtyard of the school.  He led several teams to collect and properly retire the old flags, and replace them with new ones.  His team also landscape the flag pole area for all to enjoy.  Alex Hasting Biography

36. Ashby Hobart (2015)

Ashby led a project to design and construct a 24 foot long footbridge over a notoriously marshy section of the Peppercorn Forest loop trail in Upton.  The replaced bridge offers safe passage for hikers, cyclists, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts.  His sturdy design will last for years to come, and is the third Troop 4 bridge to be constructed in Peppercorn Forest as an Eagle Scout Service Project.  Ashby Hobart Biography

35. Thommy Thomas (2015)

Thommy led a team that renovated worn out kneelers at St.Mary’s of the Assumption church.  He developed an efficient process to replace the kneelers with new fabric, and then supervised a work crew comprised of scouts, family and friends, to conduct the restoration. Thommy’s project improves the comfort of those attending worship services, and saved our troop sponsor (St.Mary’s) thousands of dollars that they would have had to pay to an outside contractor.  Thommy Thomas Biography

34. Brian Gallagher (2014)

Brian’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved painting warning signs to warn residents of the dangers of pouring hazardous chemicals down storm drains.  His team’s work will protect area wildlife by reducing the amount of pollutants in their environment.  Brian also prepared and presented a briefing to town residents to expand the reach of these important warnings. Brian Gallagher Biography


33. Devereux Sgammato (2014)

Dev’s Eagle Scout Service Project involved painting warning signs to warn residents of the dangers of pouring hazardous chemicals down storm drains.  His team’s work will protect area wildlife by reducing the amount of pollutants in their environment.   Dev Sgammato Biography

32. Sam Lanciano (2014)

Sam’s Eagle Scout Service Project team created two beautiful gardens at the Middle School East.  His gardens were designed for low maintenance, and will be enjoyed by the students, faculty and families for many years.   Sam Lanciano Biography

31. Alex Croteau (2013)

Alex led a project to construct two Gaga Gaga ball courts near Stacy and Memorial schools.   After construction, he hosted a town wide event to introduce the community to this fast paced game that can be played by all ages.   His construction is extremely sturdy, and will provide recreation to the school’s students and town residents for years to come.  Alex Croteau Biography

30. Wyatt Barie (2013)

Wyatt designed and led construction of a roof extension for the Milford Animal Shelter on Fiske Mill Road.  The extension shields the shelter’s outdoor electrical equipment and supplies from harsh weather. This improvement saves tax payer money by extending the life of shelter equipment, while providing a safer and more pleasant work environment for the shelter employees.  Wyatt Barie Biography

29. Nolan Hobart (2013)

Nolan led a project to replace an aging footbridge over the headwaters of the Mill River in Peppercorn Forest.  The replaced bridge offers safe passage for hikers, cyclists, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts.  His sturdy design will last for years to come.  Nolan Hobart Biography


28. James Symmes (2013)

James led a team of volunteers that constructed garden boxes for the residents of the Hopedale Housing Authority complex on Hopedale Street.  The boxes serve the elderly residents of the complex, and provide a safe and convenient means of growing flowers and vegetables within easy reach of their residences.  James Symmes Biography

27. Benjamin Sgammato (2013)

Ben’s team constructed a memorial brick walkway that leads from the front of St.Mary’s church to the Parish Center.  To raise money for the project, Ben sold engraved paving stones to friends and St. Mary’s parishoners to honor the memory of loved ones.  The walkway beautifies the front of the parish, and provides a lasting memorial for parishoners to enjoy.  Ben Sgamatto Biography


26. Christian Slutz (2012)

Christian hit the roads of Milford for his Eagle Scout Service Project.   His team added high visibility reflective tape to critical road signs throughout town.   Christian’s project will continue to improve the safety of night time driving in Milford for years to come.  The project was sponsored by the Milford Highway Department.  Christian Slutz Biography

25. Daniel Avery (2012)

Dan designed and constructed an “old-fashioned” baseball scoreboard at the ball field at Blackstone Valley Technical High School.  His sign takes you back to the old days where fans participated in score keeping by changing the hanging numbers.  His project also included construction of a secure storage box to store the numbers when the sign is not in use.  The score board went into regular use during the 2012 season and has become a fan favorite.  Dan Avery Biography

24. Matthew Bedard (2012)

Matt’s Eagle Service Project involved restoration of a historic stone shelter on Hopedale Pond’s Fisherman’s Island.  He led a team that cleaned the island of accumulated trash, rebuilt/remortared large portions of the shelter, and built a large picnic table on the site.  He closed the project by installing a large park sign that welcomes boaters to this attractive and restored picnic area.  Matthew Bedard Biography


23. Stephen Ward (2011)

Stephen led a team that implemented a variety of improvements to the long neglected Bicentennial Park.  The project included an information kiosk at the park entrance, and trail improvements, benches and a foot bridge on the Clark’s Island portion of the park.  Stephen’s project makes for an interesting detour or destination for cyclists and walkers travelling on the Upper Charles River Bike Trail.  The park entrance is located on the bike trail behind the Midtown Fitness Center on Summer St.  Stephen Ward Biography

22. Spencer Carlin (2010)

Spencer’s team constructed a kiosk for the Friends of the Upper Charles River Bike Trail.   The kiosk, located near the trail’s Main Street intersection, welcomes bikers to the trail, and offers a convenient location to post trail announcements.  His team also performed landscaping around the kiosk to give it a professional look.  Spencer Carlin Biography

21. James Malnati (2010)

James led a crew that refurbished a garden area at the Milford Geriatric Authority.  His team cleared the previous overgrown area, and installed walkways, benches, new plants and flowers to create a beautiful outdoor space for the facility’s residents.  James Malnati Biography

20. Tim Brundrett (2010)

Repaired and improved the walls in the large hall at the St.Mary’s Parish Center. Installed chair rails along all four walls, repaired and painted walls. Installed bulletin boards at strategic locations to prevent future wall damage in problematic locations.  Tim Brundrett Biography

19. Anthony “TJ” Fasulo (2009)

Led a project that involved multiple improvements at Middle School East, including repairing/repainting hallway floor, construction of a display case, and outside landscaping.  TJ Fasulo Biography

18. Michael Tusino IV (2009)

Led a team of volunteers that constructed tables and storage areas in the Youth Section of the Milford Public Library.  Michael Tusino Biography

17. Gabe Lanciano (2009)

Led a team of volunteers that provided a variety of improvements to the Milford Humane Society’s cat shelter. Improvements included construction of cat scratching posts, improved storage shelving, and restoration of the shelter’s walking trail.  Gabe Lanciano Biography

16. Jonathan Lincoln (2009)

Organized construction and emplacement of nesting boxes for Wood Ducks in Upton’s Pratts Pond. This project, sponsored by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, will help encourage Wood Ducks to return in larger numbers to their historical habitat.  Jonathan Lincoln Biography

15. Patrick Bedard (2008)

Led a team that constructed a 40-foot multi-use bridge in the Peppercorn Recreation Area of Upton. The bridge, sponsored by the Upton Conservation Commission, allows hikers, bikers and ATV users to safely traverse a section of the trail that becomes impassable in high water. Patrick’s project also included remarking of the park’s 3 mile loop trail.  Patrick Bedard Biography


14. Alex Morte (2008)

Refurbished the Milford High School football field’s bathrooms, ticket booths, and concession stand. Repaired and repainted the buildings and landscaped around them.  Alex Morte Biography

13. Brian Zanella (2008)

Cleaned up, resurfaced and painted new lines on two basketball courts behind Store 24 in Milford (between Middle School East and the Youth Center).  The project was sponsored by the Milford Parks Dept and the Milford Youth Center.  (2016 note:  The below photo was taken many years after the project.  If anyone has a photo taken during the project, please share with us.)  Brian Zanella Biography

12. Luke Lanciano (2007)

Cleared rocks, trees, and tree roots from the area in front of the Milford High School tennis courts and constructed a 4-foot-wide gravel path the length of the tennis court facility.  Luke Lanciano Biography

11. Michael Fernandes (2006)

Designed and constructed a custom maintenance shed for the Milford Town Library. Previously, the library had no location to store its outside tools and equipment.

10. Alexander Mattscheck (2006)

Cleaned and landscaped the Milford Town Park on Fruit Street. Alex also installed park benches along the paths in the park.

9. Joshua Avery (2006)

Designed and constructed two full size dugouts at the Votiloto Baseball Field in Milford. Previously, there were no dugout facilities at the field.

8. Matthew Thimble (2005)

Cleaned, refurbished, and repainted the youth soccer concession stand at Woodland Elementary School in Milford. Matthew also landscaped the area around the concession stand.

7. Joshua Alley (2005)

Constructed a maintenance shed at the Milford Animal Shelter to store tools and equipment that previously had to be stored in the dog kennels or left outside.

6. Nicholas Kirchner (2005)

Cleared roadside brush and other debris for over 450 fire hydrants and repainted each one in the town of Milford.


5. Andrew Maynard (2005)

Refurbished the main doors to St. Mary’s Church, repaired and refurbished the St. Mary’s Parish center stairways, and installed two maps of the parish center in the building.

4. William Jones (2005)

Completely landscaped the entire Milford Animal Shelter property. William’s project included cleaning construction debris from the property, making a lawn, adding flowers and shrubs to the landscape.

3. Joseph Kurzontkowski (2004)

Blazed a one-mile loop nature trail on Milford Town Conservation land off Cedar Street. The trail was complete with trail markers, posted trail maps, and a foot bridge.

2. Mark Rowan (2004)

Constructed a 20′ x 30′ chain link fence dog run for the Milford Animal Shelter. Previously, the dogs could only be taken out one at a time on a leash for exercise and were confined to their small kennel runs for the day.

1. Jason Morin (2003)

Refurbished, repaired, and repainted the Milford High School football field concession stand, restrooms, and ticket booth. Jason also landscaped the area. The area was in need of repair and there was no landscaping to the facility prior to Jason’s project.