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Winter Sports Weekend Trip

March 22, 2013 March 24, 2013

The annual NH Winter Sports Weekend is almost upon us. The Lanciano’s have once again graciously invited the troop to their mountaintop alpine adventure base in Alexandria NH. Venture scouts (high school) are eligible to depart with the advance party on Friday if they sell the minimum tickets. Ventures will meet and depart at the St. Mary’s Parish Center on Friday March 22 at 6pm. As a fundraising incentive, the Hawk Patrol (8th graders) are also eligible to depart with the advanced Friday if they work extra hard on the pancake breakfast fundraiser, by selling at least $100 worth of tickets.

All other scouts will meet and depart from the Parish Center on Saturday March 23 at 8 am. Scouts will return from the event for pickup at the Parish Center at 3 pm on Sunday. All scouts should eat a meal before they depart, as there will be no meal stop on the ride up north.
Don’t forget your sled on this trip. Intense sledding is the main feature. For safety, scouts are encouraged to bring a ski helmet or sport helmet if they have one. Interested scouts can also try their hand at cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There is no fee for this camping trip.

All scouts should bring a bag lunch on Saturday. All scouts will cook outdoor patrol style meals for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. We’ll stop for a fast food lunch on the ride home. Meal planning will be done by scouts at the March 7th troop meeting. Meals will be cooked by patrols outdoors over their wood fire.

Scouts will be sleeping in the wood stove heated luxury of the Lanciano cabin ground level (aka basement). While no tents are required, scouts should bring their full complement of winter camping gear (see website checklist), including sleeping pad and sleeping bag.
A permission slip (attached at the end of this newsletter) for this event is due at the beginning of the March 7th Troop Meeting. Remember, as with all camping trips, if you sign up to go, and something comes up at the last minute, you must make arrangements to provide your assigned food items to your patrol leader.

NOTE - If you can’t go to the March 7th meeting, and want to go on the trip, you must email Scoutmaster Ron Gorham before March 7th so that your patrol leader can include you in the plan. We need to enforce this rule for this camping trip. Late permission slips have made it difficult for patrol meal planning, and difficult for transportation planning. Unfortunately this trip is not intended for the new weblos who are crossing over this month for safety reasons as they will require some Troop 4 outdoor training. Not to worry however as there are camping/hiking opportunities every month for you!

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