Personal Fitness Merit Badge – Kickoff Meeting

For any scouts interested in the personal fitness merit badge, there will be a kickoff meeting at the high school track at 10:45AM on Saturday September 8th. Please wear workout clothes/sneakers since we will perform an initial fitness test that includes pushups, situps and a 1 mile run. We will wrap up at Noon.

The fitness merit badge is an Eagle required badge that includes a commitment to perform 12 consecutive weeks of a workout program that includes stretching, endurance and strength building exercises.

In order to begin your 12week program, you’ll need to submit a written fitness plan for approval. To speed things up, scouts should come to this first meeting with a draft fitness plan in hand. Format is not important, however the plan must include your planned weekly workout schedule, exercises to be performed, and it should show how you plan to improve over the 12weeks (e.g., increase in distance, repetitions, etc). We will review and approve these plans at the meeting.

Please call or email if any questions. Thanks, Phil Bedard

508 282 0283 cell
508 478 5773 evening