Minimum participation requirements

Adequate participation is necessary for scouts working on Star, Life, and Eagle ranks in order that they can demonstrate and meet the scout spirit, active participation, and leadership requirements for advancement. While it is up to the Scoutmaster to determine if the scout meets the requirements, the Troop Committee has established these minimum participation requirements (and may be more on an individual basis) to help the scouts meet the requirements:

  • Scouts must attend and be an active participant in at least half the troop meetings in the scout year.
  • Scouts must attend and be an active participant in at least 4 outdoor troop activities in the scout year.
  • Scouts must demonstrate scout spirit and these meetings and outdoor activities.
  • In order to complete leadership requirements, scouts may need to attend more than the numbers listed and work independently to complete some of the leadership requirements.
  • Scouts wishing to advance in the middle or part of the scout year would be expected to meet the meeting requirements and the appropriate ratio of outdoor activities (2 outdoor activities for half a year for example).

The Scoutmaster determines if the scout has met any and all requirements for advancement.