Troop Four Family Newsletter – June 8, 2008

Summer Camps

Thanks to all those that have turned in scout camp payments and forms. Any remaining payments should be sent to Judy Alley, 7 Paula Road, Milford, as soon as possible.

For those attending Camp Resolute: please email your 3 merit badge selections to Mr. Dave Callis at by June 15, or better yet, bring your selections to the final June 12th troop meeting. Leaders will be available at this meeting to help you make your selections. Medical form due dates are the same. Be sure to read and meet the Camp Resolute and Camp Tahosa medical form requirements described in the camp information letters posted on the troop website.

Lastly, the troop leaders will be meeting during the June campout to make the final preparations for the Tahosa Colorado trip. To help us develop a fun and challenging program, we would like the scouts that are NOT doing the Alpine Adventure portion to please fill out a brief survey (click here for the survey) and bring it to the next troop meeting. A final Tahosa instruction letter, with detailed information on how to pack, itinerary, etc, will be issued at the end of June.

June Campout

Reminder: For those registered for the June campout to the Berkshires on June 21-23, we will meet at the parish center at 8:30 AM Saturday and leave for the campsite by about 9 AM. We will return to the parish center for pickup by 4pm on Monday.

Scouts need to bring a bag lunch for Saturday. Scouts have already planned their patrol style meals for Sat evening, Sunday, and Monday morning. Scouts should also bring some money for a fast food or diner lunch on Monday’s return. Each patrol has given grocery assignments to their members; however, there will be copies of the patrol meal plans at the June 12 meeting. See your patrol leader if you need to revisit your grocery assignment.

Note that we are bicycling for a portion of this camping trip. To ensure you’re bicycle is ready and safe for this adventure, please bring it to the June 12th troop meeting for an inspection by Troop 4’s resident cycling expert, Mr. Bob Garber. Mr. Garber and his staff will point out any problems you need to address before the trip.


Congratulations to Alex Morte and Brian Zanella for becoming Troop 4’s 13th and 14th Eagle Scouts. Eagle Scout honors were celebrated at last week’s Eagle Court of Honor. Congratulations also go to all the scouts who have advanced in rank.

Youth Protection Training

In order to meet Council and summer camp requirements, all troop leaders must take the Council’s online Youth Protection training course. Please complete by the final June 12th troop meeting. It’s simple and quick (about an hour). When complete, please print out the completion form and give to Phil Bedard. You will need your BSA ID number in order to print out your completion certificate. Launch the boy scout youth protection link on: (about halfway down the page). You will need to create a simple BSA online training account.

Leaders should also take the on-line Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense courses. These short courses can also be launched from the same web site. The troop may not be able to participate in water related activities (like swimming at the June campout) if we do not have a sufficient number of trained leaders. Please submit your completion certificates to Phil Bedard before the June 12th troop meeting.

Guitar Hero Contest

The final troop meeting will include a Guitar Hero demonstration and contest. Don’t miss this exciting (and probably pretty funny) final event of the year.

Upcoming Event Dates & Reminders

  • June 12 is the final troop meeting
  • June 15 is the deadline for Camp Resolute merit badges. Send choices to Mr. Dave Callis at
  • June 15 is the deadline for Summer Camp forms. Mail to Phil Bedard at 22 Harmony Trail, Hopedale 01747 (or better yet, drop off at the June 12th troop meeting)
  • July 6-10 is Camp Resolute week
  • Mid July will include a Colorado Adventure planning meeting. Date to be announced soon.
  • Aug 2-9 is Camp Tahosa, Colorado


Please call the Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 or email at if you have any questions.