Court of Honor

We expect to award many merit badges, badges of rank, and other awards. The evening will begin with dinner at 630pm, and will conclude around 830pm. Scouts should arrive on time and in full uniform. The dinner menu is the popular Troop 4 “pot-luck” dinner.

Each family attending should bring one main dish, one bottle of soda/water/juice and a desert. The troop will supply paper plates, cups and fine plastic cutlery.

We will have some extra guests but not as many as when there is an Eagle court of honor.

A main course can also include a large salad but keep in mind these are boys and few salads will be required/eaten to make the masses happy.

Some scouts do have dietary restriction such a no peanuts so if you do something fancy just keep that in mind and plan a sign. For those of you in a rush on the way home pizza is always a big hit.