May Camping Trip – St. Mary’s Cemetery

Scouts: be sure to bring your scout handbook to the campout this coming weekend. We will be doing advancement and scoutmaster conferences, in preparation for the upcoming boards of review, and it’s important that we be able to ensure all requirements are properly signed off and dated in each scout’s handbook.

The May Camping Trip will be Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd at the Troop campsite near St.Mary’s Cemetery in Milford. We will meet at the parish center at 10:30 AM. We will return for pick up at the parish center by 11:30 AM on Sunday. Scouts need to bring a bag lunch and the items listed on the Troop 4 camping equipment list.  There is very limited parking at St. Mary’s so it’s important for scouts to meet at the parish center and carpool.

Campouts at our troop campsite are great opportunities to practice camping and cooking skills, pioneering activities and even night time fun at the nearby park. This trip is a perfect introduction to camping for new scouts, and for those who need to come/go because of team sports events. For food, scouts need to bring a bag lunch for Saturday, will be cooking patrol-style over an open fire for dinner and breakfast. Scouts will plan these patrol meals at the next troop meeting.

If you son will be attending the May campout, please complete the permission slip and return it to the Troop Scribe at the April 16th troop meeting. All first year crossover scouts are strongly encouraged to attend as this is a great introduction to camping and pioneering skills. If your son would like to attend but won’t be at the April 16th troop meeting, please call or email Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 or We will need a few parents to drive to/from and/or stay for the event. If you can help out please indicate on the permission slip.