Troop Four Family Newsletter—September 21, 2008

Troop Elections

Those of Star rank or higher are eligible to run for Senior Patrol Leader. If you are interested in running for this position, please come to the Sept 25th meeting prepared to give a short speech to your fellow scouts on your qualifications and goals for the year. Patrol leaders will be elected at this meeting as well. The new SPL will assign the other troop leadership positions at the following troop meeting.

October Campout

October’s Troop campout will feature a new destination. The Troop will be hiking and camping at the Federated Women’s Club State Forest in Petersham, MA. This forest features a scenic gorge, and is only a short hike to the shores of the Quabbin Reservoir; home to bald eagles and other unique wildlife. The troop will offer a 10 mile hike for those working on the Hiking Merit Badge, as well as other hikes and adventures. Hikes and activities will be paced to accommodate scouts of all ages. The troop also plans to search for signs of the lost Quabbin towns that were abandoned when the valley was flooded to create the reservoir in the early 20th century.

The troop will meet at the parish center at 8:30 AM Saturday October 25th, and leave for the campsite by about 9 AM. We will return to the parish center for pickup by 4pm on Sunday.

Scouts need to bring a bag lunch for Saturday. The troop will be cooking patrol style for dinner and breakfast. Scouts should also bring some money for a fast food or diner lunch on Sunday’s return. Each patrol will develop their menu and give grocery assignments to their members at the October 16th troop meeting.

If your son will be attending, please drop off the permission slip no later than the beginning of the October 16th Troop Meeting. Please email or call Phil Bedard before October 16 if your son will be attending but won’t be at his patrol’s planning meeting. The troop needs to know who is attending for planning purposes. There is a nominal fee of $5/scout to help with the cost of the state park campsites. Please staple or clip the payment to your permission slip. If paying by check (preferred), please make payable to Troop 4.

Troop Eagle Court of Honor

The Troop Eagle Court of Honor will be Thursday, October 23rd from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at St. Mary’s parish center. This special Court of Honor will honor our newest Eagle Scout, Pat Bedard. Awards earned by all other scouts since the last Court of Honor will also be presented. There will be a dinner before the awards ceremony. The troop committee is still planning the details and will communicate more information to families shortly.

Troop Dues and Medical Forms

Troop dues and medical forms are due at the Sept 25th or Oct 2nd troop meetings. The medical form (click here) is required for each scout. Unlike summer camp forms, only a parent signature is required. The combined troop and re-charter dues are $80 per scout ($60 for additional siblings). More information on these forms and dues was previously provided in the 2008 Welcome Letter on the troop web site.


Many Life scouts are actively working their Eagle service projects. Keep an eye out for emails and phone calls from these scouts as they recruit help for several interesting projects, which involve service to the elderly, the town library, Middle School East, wildlife habitat restoration and other areas of community service. Please help them as much as you can. Other scouts are actively working the merit badges required to advance to Star and Life, and 11 younger scouts will be working hard this fall on the requirements to earn 2nd and 1st Class rank.

Merit Badges

There are lots of merit badge activities planned this fall, some starting very soon.

  • Rifle – Those who did not finish this badge at Resolute are invited to attend a shooting session at Milford’s Maspenock Rod and Gun Club on Sunday October 5th from 1-3pm. Mr. Croteau will be running this event.
  • Photography – Those who started the Photography merit badge at Camp Tahosa should bring a photography merit badge worksheet to the October 2nd meeting. Complete as much of the worksheet as possible before this meeting. Your photo displays are scheduled to be presented to the troop at the October 16th troop meeting. Call Mr. Hobart with any questions.
  • Personal Fitness (eagle required) – A badge kickoff meeting is scheduled for Saturday Sept 27 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the high school track. Call Mr. Croteau with any questions.
  • Communications (eagle required) and Sales – These badge classes will start later in the fall, and will coincide with our pancake breakfast advertising sales. All scouts who need this badge should sign up. More information to follow soon.
  • Citizenship in the World/Nation/Community. A kickoff meeting will be scheduled this fall, however, most of this badge work must then be done by scouts on their own at home.

Troop Library

Merit badge booklets are a significant expense for the troop. Please help the troop to be thrifty by returning any borrowed booklets to the troop library as soon as you are finished. If you’ve purchased your own booklets, and no longer need them, donations to the library are greatly appreciated.

Troop Equipment

  • Backpacking Stoves. Many thanks to Jeff Croteau for securing a donation of MSR Dragonfly backpacking stoves to the troop. These are premium stoves which easily light in all weather. Many scouts used dragonfly’s on this summer’s Colorado adventure. The troop quartermaster will appoint a team to inventory, assemble and test these stoves at an upcoming troop meeting.
  • Wish List – High Adventure Storage Cabinet. The troop is looking for a used metal cabinet that can be locked, for the storage of our growing inventory of advanced (and expensive) backcountry gear. If anyone has or discovers a surplus cabinet, please notify Phil Bedard.

Venture Scout Corner

Venture Ideas for 2008/2009: The ventures recently held a meeting to discuss their Eagle Service Project status, and also to identify ideas for Troop and Venture meetings & trips for the new season. The crew put many exciting ideas on the table. The scout and adult leadership will work hard to make these happen. This batch of ideas is on the agenda for discussion at the first Patrol Leaders Council meeting.

Eagle Project Status: Jonathan Lincoln and Mike Tusino reported good progress on their ongoing Eagle Service Projects. Mike led a team that built and installed a set of much needed library furniture, and he is currently working on his final project write-up. Jonathan is leading an effort to construct and install a dozen wood duck boxes for a local pond. Jon’s project is part of a state-wide effort to increase the population of the threatened wood duck. Gabe Lanciano is planning some trail work at the local cat shelter to finish up his project, which also included construction of much needed cat climbing/scratching posts. Other projects by Jim Malnati, Spencer Carlin, Tim Brundrett, Stephen Ward & TJ Fasulo are about to start this fall.

Upcoming Event Dates & Reminders

  • Sept 25 – First general troop meeting. Troop elections.
  • Sept 27 (Sat): Personal Fitness MB kickoff at the HS track.
  • Oct 2 – Troop Meeting / Photograph MB meeting
  • Oct 5 (Sun) – Rifle Merit Badge, Maspenock Rod/Gun Club (only for those who took Rifle at Resolute)
  • Oct 9 – Troop Meeting
  • Oct 16 – Troop Meeting to include Photography MB presentations & Campout Planning
  • Oct 23 – Eagle Court of Honor
  • Oct 25 & 26 – Troop Campout – Quabbin
  • Oct 30 – Troop Halloween Party
  • Nov 1 (Sat) – Troop Service Project (tentative date – watch for updates)
  • Nov 1 & 8 – Scouting for Food (tentative dates – more detail to follow)


Please call Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 or email at if you have any questions.