Troop 4 Family Newsletter – May 8, 2009

Maine Whitewater Trip

The June Camping Trip is our biggie… the Maine Whitewater Trip. The trip is from Saturday, June 20 through Monday June 22nd. We will meet at the parish center at 9 AM. We will return for pick up at the parish center by 3:30 PM on Monday. We will stop for fast food lunches on the way up and back, but scouts are welcome to bring a bag lunch if they prefer. Scouts also need to bring all the typical items that are found on the Troop 4 camping equipment list.

As we did two years ago, we will be using the Adventure Bound outfitters. They will provide the boats, wetsuits, all equipment, and even the expert guides that will ride in each boat. Friday is a travel day to our “resort” campsite, complete with pool, hot tub, and climbing wall. Saturday is whitewater day. Our river course follows the Kennebec River. The outfitter provides lunch on the river. Monday is our return trip home. Scouts will be cooking patrol-style using camping stoves. Patrols will plan their meals at the June 4th troop meeting.

The steeply discounted price for Boy Scout troops is $80 per person. There will be no other expense for this 3day trip except for some pocket money for fast food on the ride up/back. Those interested in attending must submit an $80 check payable to Troop 4 by May 14th. This is a firm deadline, as we have to submit payment to the outfitter to confirm our slots soon after. As with all our trips, parents are welcome (but not required) to join us on this high adventure event.

Please note that all participants need a complete and signed waiver form.

If you son will be attending the June whitewater trip, please complete the permission slip and waiver, and return it to the Troop Scribe at the June 4th troop meeting. But note that payments are due earlier on May 14th. If your son would like to attend but won’t be at the meetings when forms and payments are due, please call or email Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 or We will need a few parents to drive to/from and/or stay for the event. If you can help out please indicate on the permission slip.

Relay for Life – Staff Crew

Many Troop 4 Scouts have volunteered to serve as part of the Milford Relay for Life staff on Friday May 15th. Those who replied to the earlier “call for volunteers” will receive a staff T-shirt. Other family members and scouts are encouraged to join. The troop’s participation will run from 6pm-midnight. Scouts should check in with a Troop 4 leader upon arrival. We need four scouts to serve in the color guard at the opening ceremony. Please notify Phil Bedard at the next troop meeting if you can arrive at 5:45pm to participate in the opening. Although the Troop is not registered as a formal team, we would like to pool some donations to submit through our sponsor’s team (St. Mary’s). Any desired donations should be made payable to the American Heart Association. Donations provided to any Troop leader will be passed on to the St. Mary’s team. Hope to see you there.

Adult Leader Training

All registered leaders should have completed the on-line BSA Youth Protection training earlier this year. Please report completed training to Stacey Barie at Thanks! We’ll review training status at the next committee meeting.

Eagle Court of Honor

Our next Court of Honor is scheduled for June 11th. This will be an Eagle Court of Honor for our two most recent Eagle Scouts, Gabe Lanciano and Jonathan Lincoln. In addition, many other scouts will receive merit badge, advancement and other awards. You will be contacted by a member of the committee shortly as we try to determine the number of attendees so that the meal can be planned. Details on the evening will be included in the next newsletter later this month.

SPL Elections – Early This Year

The Troop will conduct Senior Patrol Leader elections at the June 4th Troop Meeting. The new SPL will then appoint his Assistants, and begin work on the selection of the entire troop leadership over the summer. This shift to an end-of-season election will allow the adult leaders to provide training to the new troop leadership over the summer in order for us to hit the ground running at the start of the new season. Any scout that demonstrates Scout Spirit, and is Star or higher, is eligible to run for this important office. Prospective SPLs must also commit to attend most troop meetings and outdoor events in our 2009/10 season. Please notify the current SPL if you would like to run for the position.

Advancement and Board of Reviews

Scouts have made great strides this spring advancing through the ranks. We expect to award many badges of rank and merit badges at the next court of honor. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be conducting scoutmaster conferences and advancement Board of Reviews. Scouts scheduled for a Board will receive an email from the Scoutmaster. Advancing scouts should ensure they have their scout handbook at all of the remaining meetings this season.

August Presidential Range Adventure

Previous newsletters (and the troop website) detail the troop’s plans for a Presidential Range Adventure from August 7th through August 10th. Reminder – the payment for the meals/accommodations at the Lake of the Clouds Hut ($51 scouts, $85 adults) is due at the June 4th Troop Meeting. Please see Mr. Croteau if you have questions.

Summer Camp Due Dates

Now that the early-bird period is over, remaining summer camp fees ($305 new scouts, $335 all others) are due at the May 28th Troop Meeting. Summer Camp medical forms are due by June 18th. Please reference the summer camp documents on the troop website for more details. Note that we will also have a merit badge “sign up session” at the June 4th troop meeting. Troop leaders and older scouts will be available to advise younger scouts on their summer camp merit badge selections.

Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade will be held Monday, May 25. This is the only parade that the troop attends each year. Scouts should meet in the Stop and Shop parking lot near the 99 Restaurant at 9:30 AM in full uniform. Scouts may be picked up at Draper Park at Noon. Please notify Phil Bedard if your scout plans to attend. It’s important for the Troop to have a good showing at this important event.

Policy Reminders: Scouts are NOT allowed to leave the premises (e.g., walks to the nearby convenience store) during troop meetings. Scouts are also reminded that fixed blade knives are not allowed at any troop events, except by specially trained and approved Life Scouts.

Upcoming Event Dates & Reminders:

  • May 7th is a regular troop meeting
  • May 14th is a regular troop meeting. Whitewater payment is due.
  • May 15th – Troop 4 clean-up crew helps at the Relay for Life (6pm – 12pm)
  • May 21st is a regular troop meeting
  • May 24th is the Memorial Day Parade
  • May 28th is a regular troop meeting. Summer Camp fee is due.
  • June 4th is a regular troop meeting. August Presidential Range trip fee is due. Whitewater permission slip and waiver form are due. Summer camp merit badge selections. SPL Elections.
  • June 11th is our Spring Eagle Court of Honor
  • June 18th Medical Forms for Summer Camp are due. Mail to Phil Bedard.
  • June 20th thru 22nd is our Whitewater Adventure


Call Phil Bedard at 508-282-0283 or email at