Guidance on Completing Camp Resolute Forms

Submit the following to Phil Bedard by June 18:

Note that the physical exam must be within 1 year of the date of the first day of camp, July 19.

If your doctor gives you a separate form, that can be attached. However, you must still turn in all 6 forms above. Please get the doctor’s signature on the BSA form.

Adults staying overnight at camp must turn forms in, too. Only the first 4 forms apply to overnight adults.

Note that there is not a separate immunization form this year, like there was last year. Immunization data is now incorporated into the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record.

Please be sure to turn in the forms completely, and by 6/18.

If your forms can not be turned in at that time, please plan to remain at camp on sign-in day until the medical session is complete, which could be 2-3 hours after arrival.

If forms are not in order, the camp will not allow your scout to register. If you get them in on time, the troop will screen them for problems. Thanks for your help.