Troop Committee Meeting


(1) Finance – Roll out of new budget discussed at last meeting (Deb, 5min)
(2) Training Status, incl discussion of ideas for Hi Adv training (1staid/CPR) – (Stacey, 5min)
(3) Advancement Status / Participation Policy / Invite recent Eagles as ASMs? – (Phil, 5min)
(4) Summer Camp debrief, and 2010 camp kickoff – (Tom S, 5min)
(5) High Adventure – debrief of subcommittee meeting (Pat, 5min)
(6) Safe Scouting Incident / Path Forward (Phil/Peter- 10min)
(7) Pancake kickoff (e.g., dates, incentives, establish subcom) – (Peter/Phil, 5 min)
(8) Season Kickoff Plans (venture meeting / new scout leader meeting) – (Phil, 5min)
(9) Committee/ASM volunteers to take logistics lead (CMs), or supervision lead (ASMs) on key Q3/4 activities – (Peter/Phil, 10min)
– Pig pickup/dropoff (for Nov campout)
– Cemetery Cleanup
– Xmas Tree pickup
– COH setup subcommittee (may need fresh blood here)
– Webelo recruiting events
– Treberchet supervisor (fall wood project)
– Venture nights (at least once per month)
– Scouting for Food
(10) Eagle Project Financing proposal (Phil/DaveK, 5min)
(11) Church relations (DaveK, 5min)
(12) Troop Mtg / Campout projects for the season (All, 5min)
– Repair collapsing cabinet
– New ditty bags for chef kits
– Treberchet
– other?
(13) Venture activities/ideas (BobG, 5min)
– shotgun night (LA volunteered again)
– speakers
– other?
(14) Equipment (Phil, 2min)
– vote on gifting of the cheapo bpack tents (texsport 1man)
(15) Other topics (Peter)