Troop Committee Meeting

5min – Training: Status / New council YP directive / Maine canoe requirements (Barie)

5min – Merit Badge: Councilor list review / fill gaps / summer-fall plans (Gallagher)

5min – Web Site: Need to recruit day/day web maintenance. S.Eddins will still give tech support (Bedard)

5min – Treasurer Report: Recommend a quick status, and defer the more detailed annual budget review to Sep meeting, after 09/10 books close. (Laviolette)

5min – Adult Leadership Status / Needed volunteers (Lanciano/Bedard)
– Need to fill various roles:
Campout Event Planner _______________
Web Site maintenance _______________
Pancake Bfast _______________
Pancake Fundraising roles _______________
Recruiting coordinator _______________
Venture coordinator _______________

5min – Church relations (Kirchner)

5min – Advancement Status (Bedard)

5min – Eagle advising process / call for volunteers (Bedard/Kirchner)

5min – Hi Adventure Status (Hastings, Gallagher, Croteau)

5min – Scout training plans (Bedard)

5min – Resolute status (Sgammato)

5min – other topics

30-60 min – Annual planning – ALL Please bring your calendars so that we can avoid conflicts.