Reminders for January 9 Camping Trip

  • Bring your backpack AND a sled. The sled is for fun….and to help haul troop gear. Hooking a rope/cord to the front of your sled makes hauling much easier.
  • If you don’t have a winter sleeping bag rated to cold temperatures…. bring a thick blanket or two to put on top. Given the snow/sled… it should be easy to haul in this bit of extra gear… and will make for a comfy night sleeping.
  • Bring ALL the stuff listed in the winter camping checklist on the website. Dont forget **2** FULL water bottles.
  • Dress/pack smartly… wool socks…good winter boots…. etc…etc… bring ALL the winter gear called out in the checklist. SPL/ASPLs will be checking that you’ve brought the right gear. If you’re missing critical gear, you’ll have to go back home to get it.
  • Drop off / pick up times are listed on the event page.
  • This will be a fun trip…. see you there.