Troop 4 Family Newsletter 3/22/2010

New Scouts

New Scouts are progressing along through their advancement to Tenderfoot. Scouts recently took their initial Tenderfoot fitness test, and are expected to log regular workouts for a 30day period. At the conclusion, they will turn in their logs, and take a final fitness test to show improvement. This is one of the few advancement requirements that we do not cover at troop meetings. Scouts must do their exercises at home. Please encourage your scout to make steady documented progress on this requirement. There is one additional “at-home” requirement for new scouts, which is to read the parent/scout exercise pamphlet in the front of their new scout handbook. Please email Phil Bedard when you’ve completed this pamphlet.

Medical Training for High Adventure trip:

All adults attending the Maine canoe high adventure trip are required to take one medical training course; either First Aid or CPR, at the Parish Center on Saturday May 1st. CPR will run from 9AM-12, and First Aid from 1230-330. These are excellent training courses run by a professional. We would like an even mix on both courses. Adults attending the Maine trip need to contact Stacey Barie at by April 1, to confirm attendance and to select their desired time slot. We’ll do our best to accommodate requests, so long as we get a relatively even distribution between the two. We are advertising compliance to this medical training plan in our tour permit request, so it’s important that all attend. There is no additional charge for the training, as it has been budgeted into the cost of the trip. Please direct questions to Stacey.

April Backpacking Trip

The trip will be Saturday, April 10th and 11th along the Tully Trail in Royalston, MA. We will meet at the parish center on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. We will return for pick up at the parish center by 3:00 PM on Sunday. Scouts need to bring a bag lunch and the items listed on the Troop 4 backpacking equipment list. The list is available on our website. Remember to pack warm. April nights can still be cold.

The area around the Tully Trail is known for its scenic views, including Royalston Falls, the highest Massachusetts waterfall east of the CT River. We will be camping along the river about a mile upstream from the falls, in a remote area that includes an Adirondack shelter, and plenty of room for tent camping. Scouts will be broken down into ability groups so that everyone can hike to the campsite at a comfortable pace. Once we establish camp, we’ll take side hikes to nearby sites, including the waterfall, a beaver pond, and a natural stone bridge.

Since this will be the first camping trip for many of our new scouts, we will be doing a lot of preparation and training at our upcoming meetings. For food, scouts need to bring a bag lunch for Saturday, and will be cooking patrol-style on backpacking stoves for dinner and breakfast. We’ll make a fast food stop for lunch on the way home on Sunday. Scouts will plan their patrol meals at the next troop meeting. At the following regular troop meeting on April 8th (April 1st is not a regular meeting as it is our swim night), all scouts that plan to attend this trip should bring their backpack fully packed as if they were ready to go. Older scouts (veterans of the Colorado and Mt. Washington alpine adventure teams) will work with each patrol to perform a “shakedown” of each backpack to ensure scouts have all that they need for the trip, but no more. This will ensure that packs are light enough to allow an enjoyable trip, and that scouts have the required gear. For new scouts that have not yet had an opportunity to purchase a backpack, we have one or two Troop packs that you can borrow for the event. Contact Phil Bedard.

If you son will be attending the backpacking trip, please complete the permission slip and return it to the Troop Scribe at the March 25th troop meeting. All first year crossover scouts are strongly encouraged to attend as this is a great introduction to backcountry camping. If your son would like to attend but won’t be at the March 25th troop meeting, please call or email Phil Bedard at 508-561-7058 or We will need a few parents to drive to/from and/or stay for the event. If you can help out please indicate on the permission slip.

Troop Swim Night

Please note that the April 1st troop meeting will be held at the Milford high school pool as the troop conducts our spring swim night. Meeting drop-off and pick-up is the same as a normal troop meeting. New scouts will have an opportunity to try their hand at the BSA Swim Test. This is good practice for the test given at summer camp. Scouts can also knock off some 2nd and 1st Class water related requirements. Pool games, belly flops, and pizza/soda will round out the night. There is no cost for this event, but it’s important to arrive on time, as the pool folks will attempt to collect a fee from all those that arrive after we’ve started.

Spring Order of the Arrow Ordeal

We apologize to our recently elected OA candidates on the lack of information for the Spring Ordeal. We have contacted the Council’s OA Lodge, and as of this date, they have not decided on a weekend for the Spring Ordeal. The event will likely be some time in May. The troop will continue to check status with the lodge, and will contact newly elected candidates as soon as information is available.

Eagle Project Service Opportunity

Life Scout Spencer C. has advised the troop that he will be holding an Eagle Service Project work party at the Milford Upper Charles Bike Trail, at the trail head across from Sacred Heart Church. Work will take place near the kiosk that he is constructing just a short distance down the trail from the road. The event is from 9AM to 330PM on Saturday March 27th. Spencer will be sending out an email with more details, and instructions if you are interested. Time assisting Spencer will count toward advancement service hour requirements.

Camping Trek Plan

Congratulations to Wyatt B. for winning the recent trek plan contest. Wyatt crafted an excellent plan that was used for our recent March hiking trip. Scouts interested in completing this camping merit badge requirement can draft a trek plan for any future Troop camping trip. Scouts should see the SM or an Assistant Scoutmaster when they are ready to knock off this requirement. Reference the camping merit badge booklet for required trek plan content. We will post Wyatt’s trek plan to the scout room bulletin board as an outstanding example.

District Pine Wood Derby – Help Needed

The troop is looking for a couple scout volunteers to help out at the District Pine Wood Derby to be held on Saturday April 10th from 9am to 1pm at the Milford Youth Center. Volunteer’s can also cheer on two of Troop 4’s new crossover scouts (Evan and Tyler), who have qualified for this competitive district race. Please note that this is the same day as the troop backpacking trip. If interested, please notify Phil Bedard at the next troop meeting. Volunteering for this effort qualifies as service time toward advancement.

Maine 50 Miler Canoe Trip:

Thanks to those who recently turned in their canoe trip deposits. As a result, we’ve secured our reservation with the outfitter. Planning will continue over the next few months. See med form comments below.

Camp Resolute Update and Fee Reminder:

Please note that the Camp Resolute fee for all scouts planning to attend (other than new scouts) is due April 15th. First year scouts have until May 27th. Updated medical instructions and forms have recently been posted to this website. You must use these forms. Please schedule your medical appointments as soon as possible to meet the med form deadlines. The same medical form requirements apply to those attending the Maine canoe trip. If you are attending both camps, you only need to turn in one set of forms. For new scouts, please note that the summer camp med forms are in addition to the Class 1 simple med form that you recently turned into the troop. See the summer camp information on our website for more detailed information.

Please call the Phil Bedard at 508-561-7058 or email at if you have any questions.