Troop Meeting

Advancement: We are in the home stretch to wrap up advancement requirements prior to the next round of scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews.  If you are interested in advancing this spring, please make every effort to come to the May troop meetings and campout to partake in the scheduled advancement activity.  Also planned for this spring is a continuation of our Environmental Science and Inventing Merit Badges.  Those working the Inventing Merit Badge should be bring their prototype and working model (along with notebook sketches and documentation) to the May 5th Troop Meeting.  There is a great prize for the best invention; a deluxe BSA patrol chef kit.  This is a large and very complete kit with each piece emblazoned with the BSA logo.  The kit comes in its own stainless steel carrying case.  Inventions will be judged based on creativity of the solution, the effort involved, how well the invention addresses the user’s needs, and the quality of the documentation (invention notebook, sketches, etc).