Special Newsletter 2012-7-9

TROOP FOUR Camp Tahosa 2012 Trip


Here are the final updates for the upcomingCampTahosatrip:

We will meet early Saturday morning on July 21st at 5:45 AM at St. Mary’s parish center.  We will take a chartered bus from the parish center to Boston Logan Airport.  Please be sure to arrive at 5:45 AM, as the bus will depart no later than 6:15 AM for the airport.  Flight and other chartered bus information is summarized below.





From To









5:45 AM

St.MarysParishCenter,Milford,MA BOS Airport Via Charter Bus.  Arrive 7:15 AM



8:55 AM

BOS Airport DEN Airport SW FL1565



12:00 PM

DEN Camp Tahosa, Ward CO Via Charter Bus.  Arrive 1:30PM



Participate inCampTahosaactivities.  Including, Alpine Adventure program for those scouts that meet the camps age requirement, and Eagle Point program for younger scouts.













6:30 AM

Camp Tahosa, Ward CO DEN Airport Via Charter Bus.  Arrive

8:30 AM



10:35 AM

DEN Airport BOS Airport (Boston) SW FL2563



5:00 PM

BOS Airport St.MarysParishCenter,Milford,MA Via Charter Bus



6:00 PM

Arrive St.Mary’sParishCenter,Milford,MA

Tour complete


Uniforms for Traveling

Regular scout uniforms must be worn for ALL traveling to and from Camp Tahosa by all scouts and registered adult leaders.  No exceptions.  This is standard BSA policy for national trips, and will expedite us through the airports.


Spending $ and Meals in Transit

Scouts should bring the regular pocket money for camp ($30-$50).  Scouts should eat breakfast before they come, and pack a lunch for the plane trip out.  All you get these days on the plane is peanuts!  Scouts should also have a few $ for a quick lunch/dinner on the way home Saturday, so do not spend all your money during the week.  Note that due to airline restrictions, scouts can not pack any liquids for their lunch.  Scouts should bring an empty water bottle that can be filled once they have passed through security.

Personal Gear

Scouts should bring the same basic gear that they take toCampResolute, with a few exceptions.  Attached is a checklist from the camp.  Notable exceptions:  no bug net is needed for sleeping, since we will be sleeping in our troop tents.  Bring a backpacking sleeping pad.  Bring a mid weight coat and sweatshirt for the night.  It is expected to drop close to freezing some nights.  Bring a canteen or two that can hold a total of 2 quarts of water.  Bring a complete mess kit (fork, knife, spoon, plate, cup).  Bring 6-8 pairs of socks. 


Luggage Information

All of the scout’s personal gear must be packed as follows into 3 pieces of luggage.  (1) Back Pack (2) a small suitcase, or better yet, a duffel bag, and (3) a carry-on day pack, like a school book bag.  Your personal gear placed in your suitcase/duffel bag and backpack is limited to 40 pounds in each.  This limit will allow us to add troop equipment.  But you should not have to take anywhere near this amount of weight.  Keep some extra room so that we can add troop gear like tents.  Have your name tag on all 3 bags/backpacks.  The day pack should have Sat lunch, snacks, and personal travel gear such as mp3 player, magazine, and other items that you would like for the plane.  Keep the day pack to a reasonable size, as it has to fit under your airline seat.  No liquids, gels, knives, clippers, tools, etc, are allowed in your carry on bag.  Knives/tools must go in your backpack. 

Pack your backpack with the gear you will be taking along the trail.  All items should be firmly attached to your pack, or placed in your pack. 

Your small suitcase/duffel bag should contain miscellaneous gear such as fishing tackle, pole, etc, and clothes that are not needed on the trail.  All bags but your carry on bag will be inspected by the troop at a July 14th mandatory pre-trip meeting at the parish center from 4-6PM. Come to this meeting completely packed as if you were ready to go.  (Your carry on bag will be inspected the morning we leave).  Please take the packing instructions seriously, as the airports these days are very firm on the rules, and we won’t have a car at camp to drive to purchase forgotten equipment.


Troop and Patrol Gear

The troop will distribute our troop tents and other required gear at our pre-meeting, where we will then add this gear to scout and adult backpacks and duffel bags.  We will re-weigh the bags to ensure we meet the airline 50 pound limit. 



If you plan to purchase a duffel bag, a standard Army-style duffel bags work best.  Remember that we are taking our luggage into a rugged camp, so you may not want to use expensive luggage.  

Medical Forms

Medical forms are past due.  If you have not yet turned them in, please do so as soon as possible.  Please drop off forms at Phil Bedard’s house at 22 Harmony Trail, Hopedale, MA, 01747.


Trip Cost

All payments are past due.  If you still owe payments, send as soon as possible directly to Bruce Hastings, 23 Lucia Drive, Milford, MA 01757.


Alpine Adventure Planning

You will have an opportunity to meet as a group during our July 14th meeting to plan details of your high adventure trip.  Start to think about what you want to accomplish.  Lots of miles (50 miler?).  Lots of peaks?  Visits to alpine lakes?  This will be a scout led adventure.   All details (food, route, duties) will be planned by you guys, with guidance from the camp guides and troop leaders.  The leadership assignments will be announced at the July 14th meeting.


Eagle Point Planning

The troop is reviewing the recently completed surveys on merit badges.  We plan to offer a series of outdoor oriented badges and activities that will challenge and keep you busy, and most importantly, will be fun.  Your team will also be scout led.  Leadership roles, and merit badge selection, will be done at the July 14th meeting.


Equipment Checklist

The following is a personal gear checklist issued by CampTahosa.  It is very similar to the troop gear list, but includes a few items more related to alpine camping.  Pack all these items, and bring to the July14th meeting.  The troop will inspect your packs / bags to ensure that each scout is good to go.


__ Backpack with hip belt

__ Pack cover (can get by with an industrial garbage bag)

__ Sleeping Bag

__ Sleeping Pad

__ Sleeping clothes

__ Bowl, spoon, cup for eating

__ Stuff sacks for bag/pad

__ 2-3 empty Zip-Lock quart size bags

__ 2 one quart water bottles

__ tent (will be issued by the troop, and packed in your luggage at the 7/14 mtg)

Clothing (avoid cotton)

__ hiking boots (broken in)

__ 2 pairs hiking socks

__ 3 pair light/liner type socks (polypro recommended)

__ 3-4 changes of underwear

__ hiking shorts (if synthetic, shorts can easily double as a bathing suit)

__ hiking pants

__ long sleeve shirt

__ 2 short sleeve shirts

__ light weight jacket or fleece

__ sturdy rain gear

__ hat or cap with brim

__ stocking cap and gloves

__ long underwear, top and bottom

Personal Gear

__ small pocketknife

__ matches (in small Ziploc bag)

__ Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries

__ Compass

__ 2 bandanas

__ toothbrush/paste

__ Biodegradable soap

__ small camp towel

__ sunglasses

__ sunscreen and lip protection

__ very small personal first aid kit (e.g,. bandaids, moleskin, bit of tape)


__ camera (mandatory if doing photography merit badge)

__ lightweight shoes for camp

__ watch

__ fishing equipment

__ note pad and pen

__ money


Items That will be Provided by the Camp (don’t bring): stoves, fuel, repair kits, cook kits/pots, trash bags, dish soap, t-paper, bear bag/rope, maps, collapsible water container, spices, big first aid kit, water filters

Adult Training: CampTahosa will inspect our records to insure all registered leaders have valid Youth Protection training.  Training is good for 2 years.  Please take the training prior to our 7/14 meeting.  See the last newsletter for the link to the online training.  It’s very quick.  Print out and bring the training certificate to the 7/14 meeting.  It is also desirable to have nearly all leaders trained in Safe Swim Defense, and Safety Afloat.  These courses are also online.  The troop can not swim at a troop campout or trip unless we have a leader with current Safe Swim Defense training.

Please call or email me if there are any questions. 

Mark J Hobart

508-916-0993 c