Camp Tahosa 2008 – Cost

The “cap,” or maximum, cost for the high adventure trip is $775 less any pancake ticket sales. For example:

A Scout sold no pancake tickets:

Base Cap $775
Less pancake ticket sales 0
Net amount due $775

A Scout sold $100 pancake tickets:

Base Cap $775
Less pancake ticket sales (100)
Net amount due $675

A Scout Sold $175 pancake tickets:

Base Cap $775
Less pancake ticket sales (175)
Net amount due $600

The cap price includes transportation from Milford to Camp Tahosa and return to Milford, Camp Tahosa fees, & all food for the time at Camp Tahosa. Basically, scouts and adult participants will need: 1. Pocket $ for one meal on the road for Saturday going to the camp and one meal on the road returning the following Saturday. 2. Pocket $ for snacks and souvenirs at the Camp. 3. Their personal gear (most of which they already have).

The cap price is the maximum the trip will cost, the actual cost should be less and we will return any extra $ and/or make the final payment lower.

The cost of the trip per person was higher than expected for several reasons. First, because of the recent rise in energy costs; this really drove up the airfares and bus costs. Second, we are going an “extra” night & day – a Saturday to Saturday schedule – this will allow the participants a day to acclimatize before the start of camp on Sunday – plus get an extra day and night in the Rocky Mountains. Finally, we built is some reserve $ in the cost per person, and the unused amount will be returned to the participants. The trip cost is high, but this trip is a full eight days and seven nights, Camp Resolute is about $275 for 6 days and 5 nights. Similar BSA and Council high adventure trips (with less days/nights) would cost each participant at least double the troop trip

The payment schedule for the trip is:

  • $100 per participant deposit due February 14
  • $250 per participant due April 17
  • $425 per participant due May 29 (deduct any pancake ticket sale $ from this amount, in addition, this may be lower if some of the costs come in lower at this point).