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Campout- Mount Grace, Warwick MA

April 27, 2019

The Troop’s April Campout will be Saturday, April 27 through Sunday April 28 at Mount Grace State Park in Warwick MA. Many multi-use trails traverse this Massachusetts' peak of 1,621 feet.

Mount Grace is named after an infant captured in the 17th century by the Wompanoag Indians alongside her mother, Mary Rowlandson of Lancaster. Grace died during their journey, and it is suspected that she was buried by her mother at the foot of the mountain.
We will meet at the parish center at 7:30AM for an 8:00AM departure. It is approximately a 90-minute drive to reach our destination. We will return for pick up at the parish center at approximately 12PM on Sunday. Scouts need to bring: a bag lunch for Saturday and all the items called for on the backpacking checklist on our website. April weather can be surprisingly cold so be prepared!

We will park at the State Forest Headquarters and backpack with all our gear 1.6 miles to the Mount Grace Shelter (a first come first serve location . . . ). After setting up camp, we will hike along the Metacomet-Monadnock (M&M) Trail (of Seven Sisters fame) to the Summit of Mount Grace. After summiting, we will head towards Little Mount Grace and loop around back to the shelter. The hike is approximately 4.1 miles (not counting the original 1.6 miles of backpacking).

Scouts will cook their meals (Saturday dinner & Sunday breakfast) patrol style on the Coleman Camp Stoves. Patrol meal planning will take place at the April 11th troop meeting.

If your son will attend the campout, please complete the permission slip and return no later than the start of the April 11th troop meeting. If your son would like to attend but won’t be at this troop meeting, please call or email Brian Weber before April 11th. We will need a few parents to drive to/from and/or stay for the event. If you can help out please indicate on the permission slip and include your vehicle information.

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