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Troop 4, Did you know….

Chuck Norris can start a fire with an ice cube?

Troop Update May 7, 2020

Tonight’s Troop meeting was held virtually. We’ll continue with on-line meeting until further notice and maintain our Thursday 7:00 time. Meeting specifics well be sent out prior to each meeting.

Whitewater Trip is still on at this time. Permission slips have been sent out along with additional information and instructions.

Summer Camp is still on at this time. We will continue to plan accordingly.

Troop update – Covid 19

Hello Troop 4 families, we continue to receive guidance with regards to responding to the ever changing Covid 19 situation. Per direction from Mayflower Council, all in-person activities continue to be prohibited through May 31st. This means that we’ll need to postpone our May campout. Please check for notifications regarding on-line virtual meetings.

Also, at this time, Council are still hopeful to offer a complete and full program for Summer Camps. As such, we need to make sure that we are preparing properly. Please refer to previous email notifications sent out on this matter for information needed.

BSA Medical Forms

If your son attended Camp Resolute or the Maine High Adventure trip this past summer you do not need to complete a new medical form UNLESS something has changed in your son’s medical history.  For all others, the annual BSA medical form is attached and is required under BSA rules.  Unlike summer camp and high adventure forms, only a parent signature is required (we just need Parts A & B – Part C is for trips in excess of 72 hours).  Part A is an informed consent, release agreement, and authorization that must to be signed by every participant (or a parent and/or legal guardian for all youth under 18).  Part B is general information and a health history. 


Maine High Adventure and Nickerson State Park Photographs are Posted

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